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Watch Football All Weekend Long In A Comfortable Recliner

Sunday Football is a day-long affair, only made perfect with the most comfortable furniture pieces available, and A Royal Suite Home Furnishing in Santa Clarita is dedicated to helping all sports fans enjoy their favorite games.

Imagine this, the perfect Sunday, it all starts at 10 a.m., kickoff for the first football game of the day, you and your family start with a delicious breakfast on the couch while watching the game, but where are they going to put their cereal bowls.

That’s where the stylish coffee tables from A Royal Suite come in, as you are looking for the perfect place to put down your plate, your multifunctional family coffee table from A Royal Suite serves as the perfect place setting.

Now you can sit back and relax in that brand new couch from A Royal Suite that combines not only styles but comfort, because we know you’re going to want to spend the entire day on those couches.

After seven long hours on that couch, the moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived, Sunday Night Football.

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Your favorite team is playing, their undefeated record is galvanizing on the screen as you crack open a beer and wait for kickoff.

This is the perfect moment for that new recliner to come in.

Do you ever wonder, the perfect recliner doesn’t exist? well at A Royal Suite it does.

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This is no ordinary recliner, it’s the most comfortable cushioned recliner with not one but two cup holders you decide to use for your beer and the remote.

The perfect way to end the night, watching your team absolutely dominate the game, your family around you and the most stylish living room in all of the neighborhood.

A Royal Suite Home Furnishing in Santa Clarita is here to help you accomplish this dream.

A Royal Suite has been helping community members since 1978 as a family owned and operated furniture business, providing their clients with the most exclusive living room furniture to enjoy all their sports games.

When you’re browsing for new furniture, A Royal Suite Home Furnishing in Santa Clarita is the perfect place for you and your family to find the perfect pieces.

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